Recursive Geometry

Hi guys,
I have two questions.
I imagine the first would be easy for people familiar with components for recursive geometry and the second might be relatively challenging.

  1. How to achieve the above polylines in grasshopper, with a slider to control how many segments to grow.

  2. Is there a way to re-construct a random interpolate curve into a close replica, using the above type of polylines with different segment lengths?

Many thanks.


You could use Anemone.

Recursive (12.2 KB)


Maths could also come to the rescue in this case. (12.0 KB)

1 Like (10.5 KB)

First sector is 1x1 with hypotenuse of 2^0.5 … from that we can notice how each sector base is [i]^0.5 , with [i] being a series of integer numbers…

Edit: yep , same solution as yours, @magicteddy