Recursive generation of lines with items from the same tree

You think? The word “recursive” instead of “iterative” stopped me cold.

I knew that from the other thread so was disappointed those curves weren’t included in this model.

AKA janitorial service because your data trees got garbled.

I don’t see any example of that line? Which points get connected? Did you see this thread yesterday asking for a similar pattern?

No recursion or iteration (looping) required.

The best solution is to re-write the code so the data structure isn’t scrambled but I’ll leave that to you.
Hopefully you learn “The Grasshopper Way” eventually and preserve your data tree structure (or learn how to clean up messes like this youurself).

The white group cleans up your triangles so they are grouped and sequenced by branch. Connecting them with a line should be easy now? (61.8 KB)