Recursive data stream? Rhino 6 loop alternatives?


There are several loop plugins (Hoopsnake, Anemone), but all of them only seem to be offered for Rhino 5. Is any of these plugins working in Rhino 6? Or are there any other alternatives?

As for what I am trying to achieve:
I am working on a bridge, which is based on a curved arch. There are stairs between the bridge and the groundfloor. The location of the stairs is chosen relative to a point on the arch. Since the point on the arch is dependent on the length of the stairs, which depends on the heigth of the bridge, which in turn depends on the point relative to the arch, a recursive data stream occurs for the number of stair threads.

You can always use one of the scripting components for implementing recursive/iterative algorithms.

I’ve never heard of that kind of situation before…

So let me rephrase my question then: are all plugins listed on Food4Rhino with Rhino 5 as supported ‘platform’ compatible with Rhino 6?

Hi - most of those should be but you’d have to ask every individual developer to be sure.
Or, just try it and spread the word on this forum if it doesn’t work.

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Allright then that’s what I’m going to do then.

Sorry, but I have one more question: is it possible to store the value a point (the stair’s midpoint) till grasshopper has evaluated the length of the stair to then overwrite the point’s location if it were to change? I would like to set the stair location first to then optimise the script in galapagos.

Sure, an anemone loop will do this. Your point becomes an input to the loop start, then inside the loop you calculate whatever, then this is connected to the loop end component.

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Anemone works in Rhino 6.

Hoopsnake has never worked for me (or never made sense to me).


Thanks for the input! I’ll try out Anemone in the next few days.

Please remember that there is an important difference between recursion and iteration (looping):