Recursion in Csharp

Hi All,

Does anyone have experience with recursion? I’m trying to implement a simple procedure in Csharp that recursively fragments a mesh.

A Tree datastructure is used because nested lists returned errors. However, when I feed a data stream back to itself, it returns :

  1. Recursive data stream found, this component depends on itself

Might anyone have advice on this? Are datatrees the way to go? Is it possible to do this in a single Csharp component? The purpose is this exercise is pure curiosity: I want to learn how to implement recursion in Csharp.

Attached is a clean file with a “hacked” version that works and the broken component…

STD - recursion - KB)

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


I have no way to see whats in the file attached, but a tree data structure should have a way to determine if it has child nodes (i.e. is it a leaf or not). Then, if you do recursion, you test if the tree is a leaf or not. If it is, stop recursing, if it’s not, keep going further.

class Tree
public ICollection<Tree> Children 
  get { return _children ?? (_children = new List<Tree>()); }
public bool IsLeaf 
  get { return Children.Count == 0; }

public void Recurse()
  if (IsLeaf) return;
  foreach(Tree child in Children)


Recursion is basically impossible to achieve using standard Grasshopper networks.

David Rutten

However, I took a quick glance at your script and it looks like the recursion happens between 3 c# script components. So theoretically, it should be possible to combine the code in these 3 components into a single c# component and perform the recursion inside it, if you catch my drift.
Let me know if you need help with this.



Sorry for the super late reply. This is a great idea! never thought to use trees this way. In a sense, it becomes its own “counter”? Have you used this yourself?

Thanks for the idea

yes, you’re right. its a simple hack at the moment of copy-paste. I think what i will try next is to turn it into a class and then work from there. This is your drift, yes?

Yes, I use it all the time. It is an implementation of the Depth First Search for a special type of graph, the tree.

Hey llennardd,

I have not gone through the code in your gh script in detail, so I am not sure if you need to make a class (maybe you do?). What I was thinking was more along the lines of just copying the code from each of the 3 c# components into a single c# component and modifying it so that the recursion happens within the c# component.

So something like, say, giving the original mesh, the number of cycles, etc. etc. as inputs into the c# component, which on completing all the cycles, gives the final mesh as output.