Rectangular Array... spacing?

I haven’t been able to find instructions for how to control spacing between objects generated with a rectangular array, or for the “Cell” input. So here I have a simple grid of objects, and just want to control spacing between them.

How is this done?



if you hover your mouse on the Cell input, it will show you it desires a Rectangle (see icon)

so you should provide there a Rectangle with x,y sizes equal to the size of your unit-cell

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Thanks - yeah, saw that, and would have use a rectangle if the input said “Rectangle” :wink:

When setting this up, I expected to find x & y direction spacing inputs.

What is a “Cell” ? Couldn’t find a definition/explanation for that.

if you hover the mouse on the Cell you will see the symbol of the type of parameter it wants, and often also a Default input “placeholder”

like in this case the icon indicates it’s a Rectangle (it might not be obvious to understand that from the icon alone) and also the Default input states it’s containing a Rectangle with Default sizes w=10, h=5


at the following link you can also find a very complete and updated list of components and their input, which might be very useful if sometimes you are looking for something on the fly:

Thanks again.

Yes - saw that too. Unfortunately, that site is a bit like looking for a recipe and only finding a list of ingredients…

In fact, a rectangle is NOT needed, as I was able to kind of accomplish the same thing with two numeric inputs, but not an actual rectangle drawn in Rhino & assigned to a “Rectangle” node.

Doing it this way doesn’t seem to work:

Maybe “Rectangle” is the only way Grasshopper can define a single input with x/y values?


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I placed the rectangle node just for visually explaining what icon on the Cell tooltip meant :slight_smile:

any kind of rectangle will work, as long as it’s a rectangle :slight_smile:

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