Rectangular area mouse selection is missing

Recently i notice some failure or some disable options that i miss some wow… The mouse selection rectangular area is missing. It is possible to select entities but the same second after selected, for example, one edge line, in top view wireframe, that reactangular area disappear. Although the selection with mouse still select entities. What it could be?

Ups… i found the issue. It is because of the gumball. If i disable it rectangular selection is on screen back again. awkward!!

Hello - can you confirm - if Gumball is enabled, then you cannot make a window selection…?


Hi Pascal. Thanks for your always help.
It is like this: Gumball enable, rectangular selection mouse after select one entity disapear. If i disable Gumball it work normaly… I think this is the first time i saw this happen here in my laptop Win7 Pro x64

Hello - hmmm- ok… and, is this in V5 only or both V5 and the V6/Beta?

So, you can window select around one object but not two, or you can select one object but holding Shift to add another and fails? Sorry, I would like to know the exact steps so that I can try to reproduce the problem - is there anything that you can capture in a screen grab or video clip?


Only V5 Sr14.

Hello there.
I had the same problem and i soved it by turning off antialiasing in Open GL settings.