Rectangle with random points, line by the middle |?

hi folks,

hi i am trying to generate a script as described in the tonic and on the attached sketch. but fail to implement the lines :frowning: i would appreciate a tip or help thanks in advance :slight_smile:

SKMBT_C20323041309030.pdf (221.5 KB)

Then post your script. Have you even tried? The rectangle with random points should be easy enough. (8.4 KB)

this is how it looks, but how do I flip the lines so that they are not in the z-axis and how do I connect these to the points? thanks for the help (9.7 KB)

wow, i really admire when you master grasshopper so well and can implement things immediately, hope i can do that once :slight_smile:

short question, is it possible to vary the lengths of the lines between certain values?

many many thanks for the super fast help

Add a random node to the Line Length input.

perfect, thank you so much Ftzuk :upside_down_face:

ROTATE (16.2 KB)

i am speechless, exactly what i wished for, try right now to understand how it works. thank you once again :heart_eyes: