Recreating something like Pillars of Dreams from Marc Fornes THEVERYMANY

Here some steps to recreate something like Pillars of Dreams from Marc Fornes/THEVERYMANY
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This is far from the same thing has lots of constraints are missing but some of the ideas are there.

First make some shapes, I used Rhinoceros for this part

Boolean the surfaces

Fillet the brep

Mesh the brep with a triangular mesh (I used Remesh from Kangaroo 2). I will try with Meshmachine and having faces size depending on the curvature (like Pillars of Dreams)

Add some attractors points

Make the paths, I used here one of my script to make perfect Maze. In this part the path making is very important as there are 2 shells on the structure. And to have strength path from one layer to the other layer must cross perpendicular to each other. So this imply very specific script. Also some path follow the principal curvature on high curvature parts.
Here with Maze you have to choose 2 types of Maze for each layer.

Then you can control the effect of the attractor using some Graph Mapper

And using MeshMachineStatic with Curvature adaptivity

The logic of thickening the path is here
Let say we have a path in red, on each Point (P1,P2,P3) of the mesh there is a weight (W1, W2, W3) W is more strict than 0 ans less strict than 1.

P_1-2 = P1+(M_1-2-P1)*W1
M_1= P1+(M_1-center of face)*W1

If you want better looking, you could make a Brep at each face with the logic exposed on the image below.

I have done the same technique for my low table where I mix Brep and Mesh. Mesh is used for the topology. Brep for the precise work. I used this technique for my low table.

Use of Mesh Machine Static (600.2 KB)

It is also possible to remesh with option using Boundaries


The Journey of AR Marc Frones // THEVERYMANY



I have seen this conference, was so goed!