Recreating Model

thankfully how universities and education work are under strong discussion. i really would not like to format and therefor lock everybody into the same way of thinking and its resulting problems.

by making fun out of somebody who may be only looking for an entry, you already diminish the options and might spoil somebody. its neither very diplomatic nor otherwise smart let alone helpful. i found your posts funny to be honest, but i felt obliged to be a reminder of how it might not be fun for others.

Did you find the answer?could you help me too?

You can try tutorials like these with SubD to give you an idea on how to approach this.

Pufferfish plug-in can also help you achieve something similar.

Also Chromodoris plug-in


Daniel Caven has some nice tutorials on it.

You are mostly looking at some sort of mesh operation.
Some sort of what in math is called a gyroid.

There are many discussion on it on this forum.

Millipede is also a plugin that can help you.

I would also look at Kangaroo, maybe @DanielPiker has a better approach for this.

Ayoub Ahmad has also created similar towers with Grasshopper + Pufferfish + and maybe Maya3D.

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Just an example of how one can be useful to OP and others without having nothing to work from, instead of making fun :slight_smile:


What a saint! Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back.

Wow Im so gratefull thank you very much. You’ve helped me alot.

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I don’t get your comment.

  1. Clearly making fun of people and wasting time of others with useless comments and analogies is not useful for anybody. It’s ironic to want to lecture people on forum rules while using commenting feature to add nothing to the discussion and make fun of people posting.

  2. What I did will surely will be more useful to people and anyone visiting this thread than those useless comments.

  3. I am no hero and never said I was, took me less than 10 minutes really. All I did was do what I would have liked for people to do with me if I was in that situation. I too once have looked at a picture and had no idea how to model it, just getting into 3D, no idea how to google stuff, where to look, where to find tutorials, what terms to use, completely clueless. It is not a sin to be in that situation and much less to ask for help.

You don’t need to create a grasshopper definition to help people, just providing some links and some guidance on where too look can be very useful as you can see. If someone doesn’t feel like helping, that is fine too, just pass along, no one is forced to help.


Sometimes that can even be better than giving a gh solution. You can learn a lot from digging into a problem and in the long run the one learning will be better off than if they had just been given the solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

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