Recover Autosave file


I was quitting my work session for the night and accidentally hit NO when Rhino prompted me to save my file. I understand that Autosaves are deleted after every successful close. Has anyone ever been able to recover that deleted Autosave file? That would save me 3 hours of lost work. Any ideas would be helpful.

So far I’ve downloaded a free file recover program but it cannot find the Rhino files among all the numerous files that Windows temp files.



The default location for the auto save file should be
C:\Users\ [YOUR USER NAME] \AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\AutoSave\RhinoAutosave.3dm
I would also check for a 3dmbak file in the same directory as the file you were working on. If you have one it may get you close to where you were in the project.


Life saver. Thanks dude!

Please I need some help… Just has a power cut and was in my file which is massive… Now when I try to open I get warning about currupted data - unreadable geometry (i cant spell as I am so stressed.)

nothing in autosave…

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Hello - looks for the same file name but with the 3dmbak extension - that will have the previously saved state if it is there. Also look in your Autosave folder for the autyosaved version if you have that turned on. Any luck?


thank you… I found an older version and it seem to have the stuff that was missing so I cut and paste… But does raise a question…

if I have a power cut and I am working in the file, it will get corrupted, so I need to keep saving to 2 diffenet files all the time

If you Save twice, Save Save, then the 3dmbak file will always be up to date and independent of the main file.


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and where will I find the 3dmbak file? in the same folder as the original file?

do I need to have a setting ON in rhino for this to happen?

thank you

Hello - you do need to have Options > Files > ‘Create backup’ enabled, but unless you have turned that off, it should be on when you install Rhino. The 3dmbak files are in the same folder- they represent the state of the file at the last save but one.


mine was switched OFF… it is now ON!

thank you

Check your recycle bin, somehow I found my autosaves there. All 34… Right in the bin…


don’t listen to the glue eater idea at the top. Its found under local, not roaming


thank you sir

anyone tell me how can I recovery last object

I saved my work in rhino and closed my laptop without shutting down or putting it to sleep. Now I’m waking up in the morning to an empty home page. I can’t find my rhino file I saved anywhere. I’ve tried opening my recents in rhino5, nothing works. Only the original unedited version. What is going on? I’m so stressed about this.

Does the fact that it was opened in read only mode have anything to do with it?

Hello - Well, yes. You might find something in the Autosave folder -



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Thanks. But how would I access the auto save folder. I’ve wracked my computer trying to find it. Is it in rhino?

have you checked your recycle bin? This is where my rhino autosaves ended up in for some reason, especially after random crashes related to automatic Windows updates
of course check the autosave folder first, see @pascal’s post for the path…

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So apparently some behavior has changed in 6.0.

First, the location of the AutoSave folder has changed in 6.0 from Roaming to Local.

Second, I’ve noticed that auto save only saves once you go back to the app after having used some other app for an extended period. This, save every 20 minutes, which seems to be the default setting, simply doesn’t happen if you’re actually working in Rhino all the time.

My last RhinoAutosave.3dm when Rhino froze for me today was from early this morning (luckily, I saved manually an hour ago, so I only lost the last hour).