Recording manual moves within a python script

I’m wondering if there is a way to record the moves and rotations made to an object by a user within a python script? In short, the user would be asked to align an object using the move and rotation tools, and the series of moves and rotations performed (or overall transformation matrix) would be stored and could be applied to other objects.

Not exactly… you can use Python to get an angle with GetAngle(), and get a distance/direction with GetLine(), but then you would still need to tell for each object where to rotate from. The way you describe, that it records what you do in Rhino is not possible.

I don’t know how you’d go about handling events in Python, but with for instance C# you can subscribe an event handler to Rhino.RhinoDoc.BeforeTransformObjects. The event you get has a Transform property that tells you what transform is about to be applied to the object(s).

Thanks! I’ll give these options a try