Record History on intersecting curve between meshes

Hi I’m trying to have a simple method of evaluating measurements on an stl scan of a foot, by placing planes along it’s length and using the Curve Length Dimension function. I’ve done this before and it works like a charm on a resurfaced model (Quadremesh surface). If I hit Record History, create the curve with Intersection and drag the plane, the intersecting curve moves to the new position with the plane and the dimension is updated.

However this doesn’t work with an stl and a plane. I can use Intersection of Meshes to create the curve but, despite hitting Record History, the curve stays put when I drag the plane.
Am I wrong to expect this to work?

Rhino 7

This would be less problematic with Grasshopper.

Hi Phil -

I created a work item for the implementation of history support for the MeshIntersect command - RH-67102.

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Thank you Wim

Hi @1576

Well, @wim didn’t really answer the question. It’s good, we can work on this at some point.

Well, yes really – it’s not currently supposed to work. There are a number of history-enabled commands, and _MeshIntersect is not one of them. It’s good we track this wish. I see how this might be useful at times.

Like @martinsiegrist writes a little above, with the advent of Grasshopper 1, and soon Grasshopper 2, though, this type of problem is easily achievable in a much faster and more reliable way. “The X command broke History” is a faint and unpleasant memory in Grasshopper.

I took the liberty of creating a GH definition for you, with the goal of showing this. (6.7 KB)

I hope this helps, at least a little bit.


Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates


Many thanks Giulio, I’m beginning to get to grips with Grasshopper so will begin to change the way I draw

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