Reconstructing plane from text

I am trying to recreate a plane using only text stored in a spreadsheet.
Originally I just copied the text Grasshopper exports out when connecting a panel, like this
O(95403.68,1216131.94,147.66) Z(0.06,0.01,1.00)
O(95404.22,1216130.63,147.64) Z(0.06,0.01,1.00)

But I am unable to reconstruct it at the other end. It just tells me text to plane conversion failed.
Is there any way to reconstruct using only the provided text?
I tied to us the O coordinates at Origin, but am having problems with the vectors for X and Y Axis

You could construct it from plane normal as the component to construct the plane.

I have tried to use construct plane but I only have one vector, so Grasshopper does not like that.


Thanks that helped a lot, but something is still a bit off image

can you post that specific section of the file?

Reconstruct (22.6 KB)

Here is the file with the data. and both right and wrong planes

You have 7 planes in your needed planes, however you generate 23 planes.

The source file is a collection of multiple areas, but the planes I need is only from one of them. I will need them all eventually, but I need to find out about the rotation problem first

I don’t think you can construct the planes that you want by using only your text provided because it represents only the origin point locations and the normal vectors.

As you’ve already mentioned, you’ll need at least one of the X or Y vectors to align your planes.

I was afraid of that, this has worked with rotation vectors and points before, so I was hoping that it also worked with planes

I have currently solved it by doing taking all the coordinates and saving them as a string with a _ as a separator, at least it is simple to reconstruct it that way.

Thank you Christopher Ho for trying

Maybe use GhData export

to save the planes locally and call them back up again?

Everything is stored in a mySQL database, so that multiple people can access it at ones, so GhData is not really practical at that point. But storing the X, Y and Z including world coordinates seamed to work OK.