Reconstruct cad from slices?

I’m looking for a way to reconstruct a cad (mesh or brep) from a stack of slices. The slices are black and white images, sliced from an STL or STEP file for 3D printing. I’m looking for a way to reassemble / reconstruct the slices into the original file (or something close to it) to confirm the slices are a good representation of the original cad.

I’m having trouble with two things:

  1. Converting a bunch of black/white images to curves at the same time, in a somewhat efficient manner.
  2. Reconstructing those curves into a cad file.

I’m on Rhino 6 for Mac, and the Rhino3DMedical plugin is only for PC.


For step 1 you can try using the heightfield command, I think it may help, but you will have to reassemble the positions by hand, if not, you can reassemble a GCode using the Voxelizer 2 slice, you can get it free for a few months if you signup for beta, but I don’t know if it works on Mac