Recomputing when open file

Let’s say I am working on a project and have the revit, rhino and GH files open. I bring some floors into revit and they all go to elevation 0, even though they are technically hosted at the correct level with an automatic offset that I have to delete to move them to the right position:

So I get everything in the right place and close the file. Then a few hours later, I reopen revit, rhino and the GH doc. As soon as I open GH, the canvas gets a red border with a lock, I assume it’s recomputing. However, this causes my elements to reset in the revit model.

What is the solution here? Do I need to fix the actual placement of floors and assume it will recompute every time?

Thanks and hope this made sense,

When creating Rhino.Inside.Revit workflows you’ll want to consider how you will be making changes. If you are creating walls straight from RiR for instance, any changes you make to the size (unpinning and stretching via the Revit UI) would be override the next time you ran the original definition.

Creating small definitions that do specific things helps, locking the GH solver before opening will prevent them from running when opening. If you are working with a large definition that has components you don’t want to run you disable those components by Right clicking or adding a trigger component.