Recomputation issue when hide or show objects in Rhino 8 GH

Hide and show objects in Rhino will cause a recomputation in grasshopper in Rhino 8. But GH won’t recompute when objects are hided or shown in Rhino7

Hi @Hani_Leo Can you upload a simple example of what you’re seeing. Also, would you mind posting details of what version of Rhino 8 you are using?

Hi @AndyPayne ,
I recorded a short video to demostrate the bug as below. It’s a very simple GH script.
GH will recompute when I hide/show the geometry in Rhino.
GH canvas boundary will be white when I press Ctrl + Z in Rhino.

This issue should be fixed in Rhino 8.3. I believe if you update to the most recent service release that this bug will be resolved.

Ok, thank you Andy!