Recommended MacBook Pro processing speed

I am looking to get a new 15" MacBook Pro ([]) and plan to run Rhino on it. I was wondering how much processing speed is recommended to run Rhino relatively well. Obviously I will not be able to have a high processing speed like a desktop, and at least as of now, I do not foresee myself needing that kind of power. I will be going off to college next year to study engineering, but again am unsure of how much I will be using Rhino.

In effect, I am asking for a recommendation on a good balance of cost versus processing power: if Rhino works quickly and well - except for maybe some large renderings - on the minimal 15" MacBook Pro processor (2.2GHz quad core i7 with turbo boost to 3.4GHz) then I would be content with that. But if you know that the basic processor runs Rhino really slowly, then please tell me what speed processor is recommended.