Recommendations on where to purchase high quality Rhino 3d Vray tree models



Hello all. Would anyone be able to recommend a vendor that I could purchase high quality 3D tree models from? Hopefully, I would like to purchase one’s which are specifically modeled in Rhino, or decently exported to Rhino format. We use Vray for Rhino for all of our rendering. I know such models are not cheap, but we are willing to pay for quality. Any suggestions?

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There are a few here:


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My advice is to buy 3d model libraries for max+vray and converting them to vrscene files.
There is nothing good enough in rhino format…
Let me know if you need more details😉


Vizpark has some models prepared for Rhino:

I do not have the Rhino versions, but I have some ‘Real Trees’ for Modo and they seem well made.