Recommendation for Query Model Objects Component

I’ve been trying out the new RH8 Query Model Objects component to replace the older ‘Pipeline’ and see if it works better for my use cases.

I have a small recommendation based on these trials: In my opinion, the default behavior for the component should be to select NONE, which would match the default behavior of the Pipeline.

The current default behavior (select ALL layers, ALL names, ALL groups) causes the program to seize/crash when it is used in a file with many Rhino objects. The only way for me to use the component in a large Rhino file with many objects is to lock the GH file, add the component, and set the layers / names filtering very carefully before unlocking. Otherwise it seizes up / crashes if it is a large RH file (think: CAD floor plan underlay with many, many lines).

By just changing to NONE, this issue would be avoided, which I think would be a better workflow.

all the best,

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