Recents Menu does not populate from Rhino 7 to Rhino 8 WIP

Recents Menu does not populate from Rhino 7 to Rhino 8

I believe that is expected behavior, Rhino 7 and Rhino WIP are two different programs using different setting files.

Thanks for your extremely rapid reply!
I appreciate you, McNeel, and Rhino, a fine application I have used for many years.

My reply:
I did not expect the File–>Open Recents–> behavior.
It was the first quality control check I did.
A subsequent QC check failed on closed curves.
I reported this as well and have completed a debug loop with the responder.
For me, the user, there is only one Rhino application whose versions evolve.
My research work awaits the newly released compatibility of Rhino 8 with Python 3.9.
When I am examining a beta as a candidate for my principal tool, I use these kind of quality control checks as a litmus to see if the beta is complete. It it is, I push it to failure using my existing library of examples. If it gets through those I deprecate the previous application release. If not, I delete the beta as not ready for prime time. I will try again on the next release, lather, rinse, repeat style.
This application behavior is not a show-stopper by any means, it is a nice-to-have backward compatibility that facilitates making a transition from one version to the next.

You are mistaken. Each version is a separate program, many people have multiple versions installed.

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