Recently used commands missing

Hi, I’ve just upgraded to rhino 8. I use my middle mouse button to give me a list of my recently used commands. I’ve set that up in rhino 8 but there are a few commands which no longer appear in that list. Mirror is one of them… I can’t remember the others unfortunately but there are a few. Any help would be much appreciated as I use the recently used menu all the time!



Scale 1D is another command that doesn’t appear

Hi John - how are you launching the commands that go missing? The command shows up as the tooltip, from a button, or menu entry, not the command line.
Scale1D does show, here, in my test just now.


Hi Pascal,

Here is a short screengrab video of me making a box and then running scale1D and then mirror. Neither of which appear in the pop up menu. Most other commands do though. ?

Hi John - what is the mouse setting that is getting that pop up? Can yopu take a screen shot of that?