Recent SubD Project

This is the recent project I have been on which was causing some of the crashes. Typically rendered in maverick but this one just seemed to work better in Octane.

Lots of SubD’s and really enjoyed using the Quad Mesh tool. I didn’t design the logo and took the designer’s vector file. Created a flat plane and ran it through quad masher and then off-set thickness. Or, and I hate to say it, had to go to Modo to ‘Bevel Outward’ the flat plane around the outside edge loop. We have to have this in V8.

The major logo elements were all SubDs from the start and not quad meshed.

Love the new toolset and was very happy to have items go back and forth to Modo without any issue.


Beatiful as always, @PaulS! I never cease to be amazed by your ability to keep the geometry flow so natural and clean :boom:

Thanks very much. It was a challenging project.

The logo design is by Victor Kevruh, who is one of my heroes.

Talking with Travis, he was able to suggest a slight tweak to settings to give me what I was using Modo for. I still love Modo but I think I will be visiting even less now.

Extrude SubD with outer edges selected, use the UVN function and then V…and there it is!!

Thanks Travis!


@PaulS glad to help! I always love seeing your work! And as a scrolly bits kinda guy myself I really loved this one a lot! Fantastic job!

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Most elegancy Image~

Thanks very much!
Here’s a little more of the WIP. Some detail from a slightly different version.
I’m very happy with the SubD toolset. One of the very best Rhino upgrades ever!


Trully stunning. Can you reveal how many hours you’ve spent on this?

I’ve been on it for about 2 weeks on and off. Modeling time maybe 4 full days.

It’s 25% of what I was expecting. Really quick.

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Can you show a close up shot of the “bevel outward”

Looks great

Amazing work! However, I do not understand at all how SubD was involved in creating this. I would love to see - just in principle - how the modelling of something similar works. Do you have a link to a video of yourself or someone else doing similar artwork with SubD?


Here’s a video which might help:

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Thanks for the quick reply. I watched this video a while ago, but didn’t realize your work uses a similar approach. I will need to watch it again - probably several times. :slight_smile:

However, you mentioned above some technique which is not covered in the video by @trav.

Extrude SubD with outer edges selected, use the UVN function and then V…and there it is!!

I played around with V of MoveUVN on a simple SubD Box with control points on - but all I get is some “interesting shapes” . :laughing: I can already see it must be very powerful… in case it is done right. Could you help me to understand that technique?

I believe this was suggested for working on a planar object- I would imagine you’d get some “interesting shapes”, if you did this on a 3d object without a specific plan for it.

Yes, correct.

Is there any plan to fix it so the created border remains the same thickness all the way around. While it is great to have the function, I spend a lot of time going around the perimeter making all even distance from the source edges.

Yes its logged here

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Thanks for that link! Now I understand what is behind using V of UVN in Extrude SubD. That technique is very useful! And I would say that the requested absolute mode would be great! Therefore “Release target: 8.x” and “Worked On By: None” is a bit sad.

It would be great to have that feature in 7.x already.