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I have noticed that the recent files list in both the menu and the startup screen do not reflect the most recently edited files. As a test, I opened a file, modified it, saved it, then exited rhino. Then I went back into rhino and the file I had just edited was on neither list.

I does not happen all the time but I happens enough that I notice it.

I can’t seem to reproduce this on my machine. Anyone else seeing this with sufficient regularity?

Stil happens to me regularly—but not all the time. YMMV.

I cannot figure out the sequence that causes it. I suspect that it may have to do with multiple saves. However, I am still seeing the problem appear with some regularity.

I have seen this from time to time. I will try to keep an eye out for it and try to describe what I did or didn’t do.

I know the last time I saw it, I had opened a file and edited it; opened another file for reference. The I closed rhino and selected review changes. Then got out.

The file that I edited was no in the list.
The file that I did not change was in the list

Oddly, I opened the same three files; only edited the same one as before; got one of the mystery hangs I have described previously; powered off and on; started rhino; and the file that was not there previously was in the list.

This may be similar to the way Windows Rhino works and has a similar problem. In Windows Rhino each Rhino window is actually a separate instance of the program, and the last instance closing overwrites the MRU list with its current list, erasing anything that might have been opened in parallel in another instance. MacRhino might be doing that per modeling window.

I think this is being looked at for the next version of Rhino (at least I hope) as nobody is really happy with the current system.


The list of recent files is managed entirely by the Apple frameworks and the contents of the File > Open Recent menu is created by Apple code, not by Rhino itself. I’ll need a pretty detailed set of steps that describe how to reliably duplicate this to be able to investigate further.

I’m having an issue where the Recent Files list is not being populated at all. It was working normally last Friday. I got to work yesterday and nothing was on either the opening screen list or the list under the File menu.

I did recently upgrade to OS X 10.11.4. Maybe last Wed. or Thur.


Maybe try looking at your Recent items settings.
Apple Menu->System Preferences->General

Resetting this may fix any boogered pref file that may have issues.

Or Trashing you

User Folder->Library->Preferences

That was it. I must have accidentally changed the setting to “None” under system preferences.



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