Recent files suggestion V6 and library


I find myself not using recent file lists for it is just an unorganized list.
Typically the list is filled with files I opened from various projects.
When I pick up yesterdays project I need to find the “wip-file” in that project folder.

There are many possible fancy ways to organize the recent files, but for my need I would like them organized based on their common folder or actually: Best would be a way to access a recent file’s folder.
So I have a list of recent files and can go to it’s folder in explorer to manually pick the file I need to work on.

Thinking about what functionality would be best for my need:
The library tab is another functionality I would really love to be using more, yet current workings are inefficient: (imo another example of a half finished functionality…)

  • view is always icons for folders and files this makes this tab absolutely unusable for me.
    ( I still do not know how to change that permanently)

  • last folder is not remembered

  • no button to go up to parent folder ( I know I can click the address bar)

  • there is no space for it but a way to have a tree-view would be best


Hi Willem,

Thanks for the feedback!

Interesting idea for recent files to be based on folders instead of actual files. I’ve personally found that the current implementation was useful in my Rhino support work and also real projects but I know everyone works differently. I’m not sure how many users would prefer this but perhaps it could be a recent file option. I’ll log this for consideration as RH-21314 (request is not public at this time).

Thanks for bringing this up, looks like a bug to me. Filed as RH-21312, this report is not public at this time.

Also a bug in my opinion… Filed as RH-21313

I see what you mean from other file browsers within programs coming to mind. The clicking of the folder names in the address bar was chosen however for this functionality to save space. If you are in a custom folder you can click the arrows too but I bet you already know that.

I’m not sure if it’s possible and @andy would need to comment. My understanding is that we are using a Windows file browser in a Panel. The options are based on what Windows allows such as the right click menu for a folder. I might be wrong of course.

When I started working on the V5 splash screen years ago I prototyped an idea of recent folders - but I could never get it to sync with the convoluted way that Rhino keeps track of recent files internally. I agree that recent folders is a great way to find stuff - maybe this will be easier to get working in the future - who knows.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your reply. I’m looking forward to additions in this area somewhere in the (far) future of V6.

I was actually referring to the recent list in the file menu dropdown.
The splash screen, in it’s current state, I try to avoid as it only acts as an annoying popup. (sorry but I’m just being honest here)

What does not work for me is that the splash screen is annoying me when opening a file "IN THE BACKGROUND"
Suppose I want to open a file to copy-paste from:
I browse to the file in explorer, open the file and go back to my original while that file is being opened
then all of a sudden the splash pops-up yet it will take some other non-trivial amount of time to actually bring the
opened file to the front.

The thumbnails are of no use as a zoomed in view of some detail is not identifying my file.
I do not neatly zoom extends before closing a file.

Yet I think already a lot has been reported by others about the pros and cons of the splash screen and I’ll just wait to see what V6 will bring.

For me, a way to have a sorted list of recent folders would be useful to quickly access my project folders and browse the project of my liking to choose the file to work at.


Hi Brian, FYI

Exploring the possibilities with Python I revisited this issue and came up with this little python script to choose a recent folder to explore:

It basically queries the recent files list, purges to their unique folders and lets the user choose a folder to browse.

import Rhino
import os
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

def BrowseRecentFolders():
    recent_list = Rhino.ApplicationSettings.FileSettings.RecentlyOpenedFiles()
    for filepath in recent_list:
    short_list = list(set(paths))
    folder_open = rs.ListBox (short_list, "Select Folder to browse", "Recent Folders")
    if folder_open :
        #os.system('run "'+folder_open+'"')


Yeah, the trouble is that if you work on 10 different files in one folder, the recent folder list becomes one item long. That didn’t seem very useful to me. I thought tracking folders for longer would be more helpful. What do you think?