Recent decrease in iFrame performance?


I have been experiencing a decrease in iFrame performance in the last 2 or 3 days.

Besides taking longer then expected to load, very often it end up getting stuck with a blurred image.

See following screenshot:

To clarify - the model works and I can change parameters, see the outcome, download outputs, but all of it while being stuck with a blurred view.

I did not notice any decrease in my internet connection speed.

What could be the reasons?


Hello @matteo.b,
did you update to a newer version or has the version been constant in the last days? We’ll investigate on our end if there is something that could explain these performance issues.

Regarding the blurring, this seems to be a bug. Could you provide the model that you are experiencing this with and steps to reproduce this issue? Would be highly appreciated.

Cheers, Michael

Thank you @MajorMeerkatThe3rd for the prompt answer.

I have been using version 1.9.1 since its release, and I first noticed the problem about 3 days ago.

I am sure I have seen it happening on this model:

However my application relies on 9 different models interacting in between them in (almost) any possible order, and it could have happened on any of the 9 most recent model in my account.

As for the exact steps, hard to say. Here is what I know for sure:

  • My models load empty, and you must load an input geometry to get started.
  • Either the file loads blurry and stays blurry, or it load fine and it stays fine. It does not switch behavior all of the sudden.
  • Refreshing the browser is the only fix (not always working at the first time).

I’ll make sure to run frequent internet speed tests in the next few days in order to see if it coincides with drop in network performances.
I’ll also pay more attention to input file size, but so far it does not seem to be a relevant factor.

Hope this helps!

Hello @matteo.b, did you delete the model?


It may be I made some change recently and deleted the old one.
Here is a new link:


Hello @matteo.b,

ok so I just deployed a new version that should resolve these issues from the viewer side.
Please update to 1.14.1.

It seems like the viewer resolved errors, but stayed blurred after.

So this is basically what you also should watch out for, if there is something unexpected in the console, tell us about it!

Btw, really cool model! For me it was extremely fast, like surprisingly fast.

Cheers, Michael

Thanks @MajorMeerkatThe3rd ,

Please update to 1.14.1 .

I am bit confused about what I need to update.
Are you talking about the shapediver plug-in? If so, can I do it via Rhino Package Manager?

I can only see version 1.9.2 there:

Also, once I upgraded should I replace the Display component, and re-upload models?

Btw, really cool model! For me it was extremely fast, like surprisingly fast.

Thanks, part of the credits should go to Javier :wink:

It is normally pretty fast, except sometimes it is not. I am still unsure if it could be related to dips in my network performance, or peaks in model usage. I am keeping an eye on it.

Michael was talking about the viewer version, not the plugin version. He assumed that your application was using the API, in which case the viewer version can be changed by the developer. In your case, since you are using iframe embedding, you will have to wait until the new viewer version is deployed to the platform, which will happen in the next few days. We will notify you here once it happens.

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