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How to select Geometric Element which is a member of a group or receive members of a group?
Right now if I use Geometric Element component, the whole group is being selected and I must ungroup it to be able to select its members.

Hey @Czaja

You can use the custom python nodes to grab the containing group of an element and all the elements inside that group

group (343.7 KB)

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I misunderstood your words at first, now I know how it works. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

However, this approach brings some problems…
If I want to Window Select the whole building or even many items, I can’t do it, because it would select Model Groups instead of geometries - and selecting Model Groups will give me error. Even if I manage to select members of a group, then I need to carefully pick only one member from each group to avoid duplicating data.

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