Rebuilding to export

Hi. I am trying to ‘clean’ a model that I have in order to export it (through MOI) to Modo and Uvmap it. I believe that is not possible in Rhino for Mac.

I have been learning a lot from the forum regarding how to make ‘proper surfaces’.
This is an extract from my main model before:

As you can see there are a lot of isocurves and also they do not match with the construction of the next surface.
I would like to have single-span surfaces and also to keep the iso-curve structure equal in each strip (surface).

In order to do that I decided to rebuild each strip with cleaner curve and add more support profile curves to my rials:

I checked the continuity (GCON command) and they seem to be right (G1 is what I want). I ran the Zebra and it also looks quite ok. Still When I join all my surfaces (which share the profiles and the rials are G1 continuous) I can see an anomaly on the surface:

I have notices that If I do it at once with my 2 rials and all my profile curves it makes it continues…but the iso-curves are a little bit messy.

Please find the file here :

Rebuild_Forum.3dm (93.8 KB)

Thanks so much for helping me always

Edit: I manage to find the solution with matchsrf. What I do not understand if why I need to match it if all the surfaces are coming from continuous curves.

Adjoining surfaces made with continuous boundary curves will not always have the same level of continuity across the common edge as the curves. That is how the formulas which create surfaces from the curves work, and is not specific to Rhino.

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