Rebuilding Curves with consistent control points

I have a set of frames that I want to rebuild so that their control points are someone coherent across frames.

I want to be able to loft across the frames without having chaos. Here is an example of a surface that I build using frames that I did this two in the past but now cannot remember the command (memory is the second thing to go).

I know that I have done this in the past but apparently I did not write the instructions down in my Rhino notes where I normally record the answers to questions and solutions to problems.

Hi Jim - if you loft using the Rebuild setting in Loft, they will loft cleanly, but the loft may or may not match your input curves very closely when it’s all done. Rebuild will always compromise the shape to some extent (other than for a straight line).


After blindly trying commands I found that what I was looking for was RebuildCrvNonUniform. Added that to my notebook.