RebuildCrvNonUniform command is almost useless

RebuildCrvNonUniform documentation is here:
Is says: The RebuildCrvNonUniform command interactively modifies selected curves by non-uniformly re-spacing the control points.

In reality the RebuildCrvNonUniform interactively modifies end points of the curve only. All other control points are somehow influenced by single sliding point located in the middle of the curve. This single sliding point is almost useless. What we need is the ability to control density of the control points along the curve. dense spacing = more detail; sparse spacing = smooth shape

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Well, would you rather use FormZ Pro instead just because of this error/bug in Rhino3D? I’m liking FormZ just a bit better… but still not totally sure. Your thoughts on how it compares to each other for a hobbyist like myself that draws up buildings and vehicles?

I have never used FormZ or FormZ Pro. It seems that its features and price are very similar to Rhino. Rhino has twice as many users as FormZ.
Rhino users:
FormZ users:

FormZ reviews:
What is new in FormZ v9:

We have debate about good CAD programs here: Good CAD programs

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