Rebuild surface

subdivide (66.3 KB)

Hi all,

I am trying to clean a surface but having some issues with subdividing it, as subdividing it as the goal. I presume the surface is broken, but even with extracting the points, rebuilding the lines, i still have issues.

Any ideas would be great.

this worked -for me- to get contour line

I think it’s a problem of the geometry being too small for the document tolerance setting you are using:

if you scale up the geometry by a factor of 10, everything is good:

Thanks Inno - interesting.

I could actually get a closed closed from using ‘brep edges’, also.

But my goal was to use subdivide surface, but it seems to be generating errors, even with drawing the polyline as you suggested.

sorry, I edited my previous message while you were replying, I think it’s a matter of document tolerance

interesting. Thank you