Rebuild Surface after Contouring

Hi all,

I’ve been experimenting with Grasshopper for a couple of weeks now, mostly by reading this forum, accessing available YouTube content, and experimenting on my own. I would like to ask the community if anyone found a way to rebuild a clean Surface from a Mesh after Contouring it. (A clean surface means one without the triangles or quadrangles of a mesh.) I’m unable to achieve this with Network Surface though I thought I was close enough. Have tried the solutions posted on other threads but either a paid solution is required (Mesh2Surface) or that they were not close to what I imagined.

I have attached my GH file here together with some images. Hope to get some tips and help from this. I’ll deeply appreciate your attention, thank you! (174.0 KB)

Hi Cally -

Please always state which plug-ins you are using when posting a Grasshopper file.

From the missing components information, it looks like you have the additional requirement of this being a single surface. Organic shapes are most often best represented by either a mesh or a SubD object. Trying to force this into a single surface will either lead to loss of detail or very heavy geometry (and most likely both…). You have to ask yourself why you need to do this…

I gave it a try.
a couple pointers:

  1. I think network surface or even, nurbs surface in general is not suitable for modelling these very organic shapes. That’s why the rendering artists and the animation guys are still sticking with polygon mesh.

  2. You don’t need a Brep to feed into a Shape input. The function can also read Mesh.

  3. the C# component is for changing the seams, which I don’t know how to do it in innate Grasshopper functions. I hope the developer can incorporate that into Grasshopper though. (or have they?) (169.7 KB)