Rebuild surface after areas removed

How can the dish geometry be rebuilt into a full dish again (eg . without the cut-out areas of the surface). Of course, I can rebuild the dish etc. but looking for a quicker & simpler way.

Hub.3dm (41.1 KB)

Any advice? Thank you.

Hi -

A bit depending on what you need, you can either just run Untrim and select the trimmed part or first shrink the object and then untrim.

Thank you, Wim. Much appreciate your prompt reply.

However, with Untrim and then selecting one of the trimmed edges… this rebuilds both of the initially removed areas and creates a ‘flying-saucer’ geometry. Is it possible to rebuild only one of the removed areas of the dish and, at the same time, keep the dish object remaining open (eg. like a bowl) within a few simple steps?

Hi Craig -

That’s why I said that it depends on what you need. It sounds like you need the second workflow that I mentioned: First run ShrinkTrimmedSrf and then untrim.

The alternative is that you do as you did; create the “flying-saucer” and then use the curve in your model to trim that surface.

Thank you Wim. Your solution works.