Rebuild Subd Brep to Clean Surface for SurfaceMorph

Hello @Joseph_Oster @DavidRutten @DanielPiker,
I’m currently experimenting with stl. hand scans.

It could be interesting for gloves or hand orthoses.

In the end I would like to morph individual 3D patterns onto a surface. To achieve this, I have to rebuild surfacepatches to one single surface for the SurfaceMorph component.

Does anyone have an idea how I can loft a complex geometry like a hand (Brep/SubD/Surfacepatches) to a clean surface, for example? Or maybe there is another way?

I have attached the file.I

I hope someone can help me…

Thanks in advance :)[h (1.2 MB)|attachment](upload:// (701.9 KB)

hand Edited V0 hollow.printable.thickness (589.8 KB)

I don’t think rebuilding a mesh into a single surface is the way to go.

Your application has been discussed before: Refit Mesh Object to new shape - #13 by DanielPiker

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Hey Martin,

Thank you for reply and the Information.

Is there a component like SurfaceMoprh for a mesh?

Thank you a lot for your help :slight_smile:

Hi Quan,

Tank you for your help :slight_smile: !
In you example we do have a brep, but atually not a surface what we need to have to use the component surfacemorph…

Try this in Rhino 8 WIP:

I just do have Rhino7 :frowning:

Rhino 7 users can download the WIP

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