Rebuild Polysurface for tsplines


Can someone offer some advice on how I can make this polysurface into one surface (or small enough to take into tsplines). I am trying to take it into tsplines and because of the number of faces it just crashes the software.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Polysrf to 1 Srf.3dm (8.4 MB)

Hello - I don’t see a god way to do this short of just building it in Rhino - you might be able to make a polyline skeleton that TS could use to create its object - what do you need in the end, a clean model, or specifically a ts object?


Hi Pascal, Yes ive been trying for a while now to get it to work and no luck (with my fairly basic skills).

The ideal outcome would be to have a tslpines object that I can then manipulate in TS. (Which would have to be a clean model anyway?)

@KNJ I would use the retopology tool in T-splines to create one side then apply symmetry. Should not take very long.

@sochin is there any chance you would be able to show me? Im teaching myself TS and on a bit of a deadline. Thank you for the help much appreicated!

@KNJ I don`t have anytime to show you at the moment but …I learnt how to use the tool following this explanation by @CarterTG on the t-splines forum. Pretty easy to follow and I think you can get it from that.

There are a couple of videos on youtube but I found them really long winded. CartTG just gets into it with his written tute and photos. Good luck.

@KNJ if you have access to Z-brush this method looks like it will get you to a t-splines object much quicker.

@sochin thank you for that, im trying it now but finiding it quite difficult cause Im not familair with it!

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I tried to convert Tspline and it worked here, maybe you can use it:
Polysrf toTspline.3dm (6.1 MB)