Rebuild 'PolyCurve'

Hello everyone.
I seem to have run into a simple problem that I’m having a hard time solving!
The script is really simple. It takes as input a curve, then using the discontinuities of the curve, moves the Z position of each point to be able to make a ramp.
Till now, working with polylines, its hasslefree because I can use the same discontinuity points and rebuild a polyline with them but when I have a ‘PolyCurve’ or a 3 Degree Curve, I can’t seem to be able to rebuild the same curve using interpolate or polyline.

I’m pretty certain that I’m missing something with the tangents.
Simple problem, an elegant solution would be appreciated.


Try the point deform component.

Thanks Michael,

Point Deform kind of works but there’s some parts where there’s an overhang. I tried to divide the curve and use more points but that also leads to unexpected behaviour.

My guess is you have fillets (degree 2 arcs) try refit component to degree 3 first.

Personally, I think an easier route would be to make a sloped plane or surface then just project the curve.

This may help you. (14.8 KB)

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