Rebuild in WIP

Rebuild seems to give an instant preview in the viewport without pressing the preview button. Intended behavior? We don’t need the preview button in the dialog in that case.


Yes, if the complexity of the rebuild is simple, it previews fast.
At some threshold of complexity, it quits automatically previewing so keep the performance up. That’s why the Preview button is still there.
Apparently there’s no way in the MacU/I to hide the button until the autopreview stalls.

So yes, it’s supposed to be there.

Well, that doesn’t seem logical from a users point of view, but ok…


It depends on the specific user and the complexity of their surfaces.
For people with relatively simple surfaces, the automatic preview saves a click.
For more complicated surfaces, you are not slowed down by the preview process. This is particularly important for users the use the increment clickers and do not type a new specific value.
One interface works for a much larger range of user needs.

How is that not logical from the wider perspective?

I just meant that it doesn’t seem to be good user ergonomics to have a button that doesn’t do anything most of the time (at least on MacOS, if I understood correctly) - it’s a bit confusing, that’s all.


That’s the point. the button ids redundant for people like you but not for the other people that need it.

My point was that the button shouldn’t be there when you don’t need it - and should appear only if/when needed.
Personally I prefer the behavior in V6.


Right. I tried to address that in an earlier post.
We discussed this at length.
Apparently only showing the button when the autoproviewing is off is not possible using the tools we have currently.
What you see now is the best compromise we could come up with that worked for the wide audience that needs the tool.

I’m sorry that’s frustrating to you.

Yes, I think I understood what you were trying to explain, but I’m still a bit confused about the user ergonomics side of it.

That’s the confusing part from a users point of view. Why make a tool that doesn’t work 100 %, when you could have left it as it was in V6?
Anyway, this is only a minor problem and no big deal - and no, I’m not frustrated at all - just a bit surprised.


The user ergonomics suck.
But as ugly as it is, it will work for the wider audience that uses the tool.
It’s a compromise.

Actually - I’ve also wondered this. The same happens for calculate. It will calculate deviation without pressing for simple stuff, and presumably if it’s looking a bit intensive then you need to be explicit. And not wait around expecting it to calculate automatically for you again


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