Rebuild edge of skin to lose points but skin may not then join


Rebuild on duplicate edge where the dupe edge is to see another sweep to then join on will see join failures.
Seeking advice on best approach here, leave alone or rebuild then try to join surfaces together.
I would think the latter as curve quality is everything.

I have cut an elipse type shape out of a surface ‘A’, then duplicate edge of the shape remaining so as to use it as a rail for a further sweep to meet with that elipsy shape. (elipsy meaning lookalike at most !)

F10 shows a myriad of points on the dupe edge yet the surface used was a simple one. Curve graph shows a mess.

So use Rebuild to tidy it up, but 10 points deg3 sees it somewhat different from the shape, 29 and its looking close.

Nudging control points near its one end to get all fronds outboard of the shape will definitely cause a skin join fail there.

So I can see that the surface ‘B’ created using the rebuild elipsy curve when joined to the surface ‘A’ will see declared unable to join, due to the difference however subtle rebuild has caused in the curve.

What is best advice here ? Some gap filling required thanks to rebuild.

How best can I join surfaces that have slight gaps. MergeSrf seems to fail for me. Union sometimes works as does Join.

I could leave alone and go with many points and it would join ! It might however not be the best of sweeps.

I wished for a command called weld ! or sealant :slight_smile:

The elipsy shape that did the cutting was a well refined rebuild curve, tweaked to be perfect.Then projected onto a surface created from rebuild curves., yet it creates a curve with loads of control points.


Are you aware of using JoinEdge to join edges of adjacent surfaces which don’t quite meet? It modifies the edges of the surfaces until they meet and joins them.

I am now, cheers. I just could not remember it . I have added it to my useful commands list.

a word doc with description of what it does using as many keywords as poss to enable a find to locate it. As I have suggested a Thesaurus for Rhino !


Hi David watch it with joinedge it doesn’t modify anything to fit it just lets you override the join tolerance.

JoinEdge doesn’t change your surfaces, which you will see if you UnTrim your test surfaces after exploding.

All that Joining surfaces means is to take two adjacent edge curves and make a new edge that’s an average of them(or one or the other, whatever the details are, JoinEdge seems to use whichever one you pick first,) and tell Rhino it’s supposed to be a closed seam.