Rebuild curve on surface

Can you rebuild a curve on a surface in Rhino?
If so, can you rebuild a non-uniform curve on a surface?

Hi FlynnAD- Rhino does not really have a ‘curve on surface’. If you project a curve to a surface, you can certainly rebuild it, Uniform or not, but it will no longer be on the surface - you can get it pretty close by using Pull, with Loose=Yes to maintain the points structure of the pulled curve.


Thanks Pascal, for confirming the command isn’t yet available. Pull will have to work for now.


If the curve which is on the surface is too complex or has too many points, then try using _SetPt and drop the curve to either the x, y or Z plane, whichever works for you.
Then rebuild the curve and use Project command in a view perpendicular to the plane you flattened the curve to.
The projected curve on the surface will probably have more control points than the rebuilt flat one, but it should have fewer points than the original surface curve you started with.
You could also try the _InterpCrvOnSrf command and “trace” over your current surface curve using a few NEAR snap points with the project object snap on.
Michael VS

That’s a nice idea and might give the most uniform results. Thanks.