Rebuild curve causes a NTDLL.DLL Crash (6.13.19031.5531)


I would like to report that on the last release whenever i run the rebuild command Rhino crashes with the ntdll.dll error (event id: 1000). Same in safe mode.

Also, just to mention that Rhino was occasionally crashing at startup before this.


Could some advise on how to return to a previous RC?

Edit: I managed to get back to SR12. Problem solved!

Hi - We have that fixed in an internal build.

Please send in crash reports when Rhino is crashing.

After a crash, there was window popping up where I could send the report but it is not always shown. Is there any location where I can pick crash logs and send them manually to Mcneel?

Hi - these are created on the desktop but only when the crash dialog pops up, and only for the duration that this dialog is up. That is, when you close the dialog, the file on the desktop is deleted.

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