Rebuild (Create) a mesh with equally sized triangles

I try to rebuild one of Mr. Pikers definitions, but I face a problem right at the beginning. The definition starts with a given mesh, consisting of equally sized triangles. That is important, since Kangaroo will apply its loads and springs (length line) to it. If the triangles are not distributed quite equally, you will encounter deformations. My question: How can I create, rebuild such a equally distributed, sized triangle mesh in grasshopper? Thanks for your help in advance.

(no good)

(Mr. Pikers mesh - good) (40.3 KB)

Use MeshMachine?

Is this plugin still existent?

You just need to include the boundary edges in the input like this: (41.7 KB)

edit - I know the SimpleRemesh component sometimes fails with finer meshes - the RemeshByColour works better: (8.2 KB)

These remeshing components are getting a rewrite with some more options and bug fixes. I know it’s been a while, sorry. I had to finish some other stuff first but it will happen.


Thank you very much, I didn’t expect an answer from Mr. Piker himself - big fan of your work.

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