Rebuild arc with new diameter

Hi !

I want to rebuild arc with a new diameter, so I did this little tool : (13.6 KB)
arcs-2pt.3dm (798.1 KB)

I collect the original radius and find a new one on a list using “find closest point”, it’s maybe a little bit tricky, but it work.

My real problem is :
How can I rebuilt arcs using start and end point and the radius (like with the basic rhino tool “Arc” start, end , radius)…

any help will be apprecied !! thanks

make sure to internalize your data so you dont need an extra 3dm file.
i simply joined the curves & fetched their mid points. (21.6 KB)

Check this as well. (6.8 KB)

thanks for helping guys but both of your solution only allow me to rebuilt the same arc with the same radius

waht I want is to apply the new radius to a new arc using the same end point and start point that the old one was using…

:slight_smile: (13.5 KB)

Thank you very much HS_Kim

I did try to merge your tool with mine recalculating the arc angle… but at the end the diameter didi not correspond
It’s a tool to allow me to creat rounded and standard value to bend tube.
So i want the final radius of the new arc to be equal to the desired radius… (22.0 KB)

Check this out… (21.7 KB)