Rebuild Annoyance

I have one very small, simple wish for Rebuild. When the dialog box comes up, I often want to make a large change in the point count, so using the up/down arrows is not practical. But when I delete the default entry so I can replace it, Rhino presents me with an error pop-up that says “Enter an Integer”. Can’t it wait until I either try to enter a non-integer or exit the dialog without putting in a new value?

No other dialog boxes do this (for instance, with Sweep2 if you check the Rebuild radio button and delete the default value, no pop-up), and it just breaks up my flow. I wind up typing my new value after the default, then hitting the home key and deleting the default just to avoid the damn thing.

Also, this little bug, while not something one would see if following the prompts instead of trying to defeat them, is what we might call less-than-optimal behaviour Tripping up Sweep

Does “swipe and type” work? Hold down LMB and drag across the input window. When the field turns blue, just type in your new number, instead of deleting the default number first, and then entering your new number.


Got that, thanks. It looks like V6 handles the Rebuild command more gracefully, but still does the ugly thing on the Sweep commands.



Yes it does, a good suggestion. The Escape key will kill the pop-up also.


You’re right, I hadn’t checked V6 as I have been fighting with build 11-24-15, (license issue, won’t save), and had given up using it for now. I guess I have another reason to pursue that again.