Rebuild & analyze curves, correct way

Being mostly self taught, except for a week doing level1 training in spring 2008, I have never really used any of the analysis tools except for flipping surface direction.

I am including a file and am wondering what is the ‘Best’ (subjective) way to rebuild curves. I have included the basic surfaces and maybe someone can give me a simple explanation of a workflow to correct these curves and ones like them. I have examined points and curvature graph.

Thanks «Randy

Crown Pendant curves.3dm (988.7 KB)

Hi Randy- I am not quite sure what the question is but looking at one of the curves in the file, I see this:

If I replace the curve segments there with a single (G3, in this case, G2 looks fine as well) blend curve I get a continuous curve that closely matches the shape you have but without the kinks.

There are other segments in that overall curve that could be replaced with clean simple curves .


Thanks @pascal I was not sure how to read the curvature analysis. This gives me a way to handle curves like this whit out willy-nilly picking points and deleting or moving with gumball.

Blend curve … thanks again

Hi Randy- just to finish my thought, if you adjust the position of the blend curve, and not just take it from the ends of the inpuut curves, you can have more leeway to adjust the ‘lead-in’ of the blend and make a nicer more progressive (clean acceleration-deceleration) graph: