Reassure me, can we draw with whole numbers exclusively?

reassure me, can we draw with whole numbers exclusively?

i just want to draw is get integer lengths

I know we can choose the decimal after the comma
but no I would like to draw directly in whole number only

for example 10 cm and not 10.2
is it possible to constrain in whole number?

Thank you.

of course

ok but how i can constrain ?

Stop typing after “10”?


no actually i don’t want to enter each length individually

i just want to use the polyline tool and draw in 1cm increment
without having to type in advance the length I want

Then you can configure your grid accordingly and turn on Grid Snap. This will work for orthographic lines only though, so for anything on an angle you’ll need to enter the length manually.

You can constrain the length but it’s a lot of typing.
Start a line
When it asks for the next point, type 10
The length of the next segment will be constrained to 10 units.
Show a direction by typing and angle or clicking a direction.
The last segment will be 10 units long.

This is covered in chapter 5 of the Level 1 Users Training Guide:
Distance and angle constraint entry:

thank you for your quick response,

and the answer is no, i cant draw directly by cm increment only ( but i can typing every lenght…)

That is correct. There is no “radial” snap feature.
Grid snap is rectangular.

I guess a workaround without python could be to set up a macro that keeps repeating entering 10. Like so:

_Polyline 10 _Pause 10 _Pause 10 _Pause 10 _Pause 10 _Pause 10 _Pause 10 _Pause 10 _Pause 10 _Pause 10 _Pause 10 _Pause 10 _Pause …

You could repeat this for the maximum amount of time you would click and the command stops when you press enter. This would do what you are trying to do.