Reassign Rendered Objects to Different Layers?


I’m in my first big reverse-engineering project whose basis is a series of spheres of different sizes placed in specific spots. But, I realized that I need to boolean parts of these spheres away, and unfortunately I’ve already placed all these spheres in the same layer.

Can I reassign some of the already rendered spheres into thier own separate layers without deleting them and starting over?


David L. Rickman


Your use of terminology is a bit confusing…what do you mean “rendered?” Rendering is about hitting the “Render” button and outputting a 2D bitmap image.

Objects can be moved to whatever layer you want… just(for but one way) go in the menus to Edit->Layers->Change Object Layer.

(Marc Gibeault) #3

And boolean operations have nothing to do with layers. You can make all sort manipulations on your geometry, whatever layer they are on.
In Rhino Layers are only a way to organize your work, allowing you to have a bunch of objects hidden or locked, not like in Illustrator where layers are interacting with one-another.

(David Cockey) #4

David, are you familiar with other CAD or design software? If so are you assuming that knowledge of the other software will transfer directly to Rhino?