Reassign Rendered Objects to Different Layers?

I’m in my first big reverse-engineering project whose basis is a series of spheres of different sizes placed in specific spots. But, I realized that I need to boolean parts of these spheres away, and unfortunately I’ve already placed all these spheres in the same layer.

Can I reassign some of the already rendered spheres into thier own separate layers without deleting them and starting over?


David L. Rickman

Your use of terminology is a bit confusing…what do you mean “rendered?” Rendering is about hitting the “Render” button and outputting a 2D bitmap image.

Objects can be moved to whatever layer you want… just(for but one way) go in the menus to Edit->Layers->Change Object Layer.

And boolean operations have nothing to do with layers. You can make all sort manipulations on your geometry, whatever layer they are on.
In Rhino Layers are only a way to organize your work, allowing you to have a bunch of objects hidden or locked, not like in Illustrator where layers are interacting with one-another.

David, are you familiar with other CAD or design software? If so are you assuming that knowledge of the other software will transfer directly to Rhino?