Realtime viewport sharing via Spout/Windows and Syphon/Mac

I think i would be a nice if there was a possibility to share the rhino viewports via applications like:




They are both open source and allow you to share and mix the viewport of different programs without any heavy calculations.

Even if I’m aware of that Rhino was not primarily built as a realtime visual purposes it is totally possible work in this direction with rhino/grasshopper… a lot of interesting programmers like max msp, vvvv and unity are already supported by these applications so it would be really nice to have that option is rhino as well…

Best, Chris

Has there been any progress on this front?

I need to project a live stream from my Rhino/Grasshopper session on a warped wall geometry and wanted to use vpt. The downer is that Rhino doesn’t provide any necessary hook for Spout to work with it.