Realtime preview of image when adjusting PictureFrame

Man, it sure would be nice if when you move, rotate or scale a PictureFrame object that the image would update in realtime… Save a lot of fiddling around when trying to fit an image to existing geometry. In this day and age I would expect this to be basic functionality. Unfortunately, this applies to a number of other functions in Rhino as well, where realtime interactions are simply nonexistent.


It does, if you are seeing something different there is an issue with something in your display pipeline-


OK, this appears to be with a particular file or set of files - I will try to determine what the cause is…

Thx, --Mitch

Attached is one of the files for inspection. I have a ton of these and none of them work on any computer. They were all created in V4, but just creating a new V4 file with some random geometry in it and then opening it in V5 does not produce the problem. If I add a new picture frame object to the attached file it does not update correctly either, however.

If I make a new V5 file and insert a picture frame object that does update correctly.



PF-NoPrev.3dm(3.0 MB)

I looked at the file and got the same error.
So I located the embeded image, made a duplicate and placed it again in your file and got your problem too. So I placed it in a new file and it worked fine. THEN I checked how fare you were from Origin and that is where the problem lies. You are “too far away”. If you place the image close to Origin then it works just fine. Maybe @jeff can give you some details on why. I tried different sizes and that did not appear to make any difference, only distance from Origin.


OK, thanks for testing Jørgen! Unfortunately, I do not have the possibility to move the stuff closer to the origin, it is a georeferenced file among a set of 164 that all need to fit together; we’re also importing objects from other files that have the same reference, so even a temporary move is not a workable alternative…

Just have to live wiith the “bug” for now.


I wish they could make a reference origin or something, that could work around this. It should be possible.