Really stuck on this shape

Stuck trying to create a closed complex shape…could do with some guidance please! After multiple attempts, and getting close, I’ve reverted back to my original curves for a fresh start but no amount of lofts, rails or curve networks are helping me with my limited experience (I’m originally a 2D bloke).

I’ve attached a render-view that almost worked, but I couldn’t get smooth transitions between the surfaces and that meant I couldn’t get a nice filleted edge everywhere I wanted it. So I’m back to my curves (also attached), looking for a bit of help if anyone has the time…

Many thanks!Handle.3dm (48.2 KB)

Sometimes you have to extend your lines or shapes past what you have and then work backwards. My first thing is the “front” & “back” curves that make up your sloped end. Should these be planer?

I would also split some curves and extend others to work in sections.

Also, your 2 curves creating your arced edge are not touching.

The curves need some work, but it is a basic shape. From an ex ex 2d Bloke

I have to run, but can check later maybe.

Handle rg.3dm (204.3 KB)

Thank you :slight_smile:

I know what you mean about the sloped edges…but no…not planar… I think my biggest issue is getting the arc corner bit to blend in nicely, but my sloppy curves are probably not helping! Many thanks and I shall push on! Cheers, Phil

Yeah, that was a tricky one… Rebuild the curves though. Have a look in plan and in the front view, the curves are not aligned. Work with the shape with square edges and add the fillets later, it’ll make it easier.

Also use the _Circle command with 3x tangents selected in the front view and the _ProjectToCplane command from the right view to rebuild and clean up the curves for the loft.

A bit of trimming as rinorudi illustrated.

It’s fairly straight forward when you know the two fillets at the top are 10mm and the bottom fillet is 12mm.

Mine’s out by a fraction in the width at the top but it’s an illustration, I didn’t have the time to sit down and model it fully.


Thank you…

I’d started with squares and sharp corners originally, but for the life of me couldn’t get the 12mm bottom fillet to work nicely so I went off thinking that I needed it from the beginning…its probably added more complication than necessary :frowning:

Thanks for the tips…onwards and upwards!

Have a look at my file. It’s a little easier if the geometry is planar and/or matching. When I tried it with your original lines it threw up a load of inconsistencies so I quickly knocked out some new curves.

By projecting the curves to the CPlane in different views I was able to redraw lines and curves tangent to one another then moving them in the X and Y to loft produced cleaner results. I didn’t fillet the top corners I used two circles, trimmed and then extruded to trim the model.

The bottom 12mm was a simple fillet from 12mm to 0mm.

It’s slightly out but then it was an example not a working model :slight_smile:

(I also cheated the lighting so you couldn’t see the straight edge on the front face which I think is unavoidable?


Shape_01.3dm (72.0 KB)

Thanks Andy! Its great to see your approach to it. Still ned to work on my own brains’s way of looking at things…