Really strange flickering and freezing issue

(Rheinason) #1

Hi there!

Didn’t really know what category this belongs in, but I’m having some serious weirdness happen when working in Grasshopper. It runs fine and then suddenly stops working and starts this weird flickering:

Video here:

As far as I can tell it doesn’t correlate with any action that I’m doing, and the Rhino viewport is not always completely frozen, sometimes I can orbit and pan while the flickering persists. I have a few plugins installed(Ladybug+Honeybee, VisualARQ, Enscape and Lands Design) but I have had iterations of all of these installed for years without any issue.

(Rheinason) #2

Now Grasshopper froze in this view:

The Rhino viewport is still accessible this time though.

(Rheinason) #3

After disabling the plugins VisualARQ and Lands Design I cannot reproduce the error, perhaps a mod would move this over to the VisualARQ section?



(Enric Marquès) #5

Hi @rheinason,

I have never seen this issue. Can you send me to the Grasshopper definition you were working on?