Really pleased with Cycles

Due to the nature of the work I do I’m always looking for a faster, simpler renderer. I render in modo and V-Ray but often I’m rendering something to show to the fabricators or to get an idea across to a client. Those renders don’t justify complex set ups.
Just started working with Cycles. The attached has no setup, no lights, nada, nothing. Just clicked Render and let it run for 5 minutes.
Very pleased. The image is clean, sharp and noise free.


I’m glad you’re liking RhinoCycles, means I’m not doing this for nothing :smile:



I am hoping to get some new GeForce cards to make better use of Cycles…

Perhaps a dumb question, does Cycles mean the end of Neon in it’s current form?

Hopefully AMD keeps pushing their development as well, so that one could eventually chose between the one or the other.

I don’t know about that, it is @andy’s department really.


We really, really actually don’t know.

Interesting… I’ve been wondering for a while but felt too sheepish to ask, assuming I was missing the obvious!

I really like Neon, and it has actually helped me get more into rendering, acting as a stepping stone because it is so accessible, so I would miss it if it became gobbled up by Cycles.

That said, I am really looking forward to trying Cycles with a decent GPU!


What would you miss about Neon if it were “gobbled up” by Cycles?

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Hi Andy,

The appealing thing about Neon to me has always been its lack of any UI.

There are the few background settings through Brazil and using the Skylight, but once those are understood it’s great to be able to simply switch the raytraced viewport on/off and take a quick capture as needed.

I recall reading somewhere about there being a Cycles viewport in the pipeline? Which would be great if that was as refreshingly simple as Neon to use.

I’ve only been playing around with it for a day but on the basis of this brief excursion, I don’t think you would miss anything from Neon.
The advantage with Neon is you can just hit render and get a passable image without going through a complicated setup like you have to do for most renders.
Cycles seems to me to offer the best of both worlds - it can give you the one button quick take like you could get with Neon but it also has the ability to produce much more complex renders when you need them.

At least that’s what I see so far and I think that’s great.

Hi David-
That works now in that the Cycles render window updates with changes in the modeling window - kicks off a new rendering much like Neon, but in its own window. Currently stopping works, but I do not see how to resume in the same window yet.


Thanks Pascal/Alex,

Sounds like Neon is dead! I will spend some more time with Cycles, I’ve been ignoring it a little recently.

As a user it would be really useful to get a clearer idea of where Rhino is going with it’s render offering. My assumption is that Neon and Brazil are on the backburner to be superseded by Cycles?

I need to decide on a direction for rendering, I would prefer a native Rhino option.

All of those things will be true of Cycles, except that many of the things you used to have to reach into the Brazil UI for are built into Rhino - fresnel effects, skylighting, glossy reflection and refraction.

And there will be a Cycles rendered viewport too.

The idea is to make it, if anything, easier to use than Neon.

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